Nothing can kick off a great night better than knowing that your makeup is on point. However, achieving that flawless and airbrushed look can sometimes bring more stress than it may seem worth. With so much beauty information floating around, it can seem more like a chore, than a fun and creative way to express yourself. Here are some of the best beauty hacks and tips to help you elevate your beauty game quickly!

Multi-Action Skin Prep

While there is no shame is showcasing flaws, prepping your skin is a great way to help you reveal you inner flawless goddess. A great way to prepare your skin is to target different problems at once with multi-action masks. Here is one of fabulous beauty hacks and tips: Apply a hydrating egg white based mask on the dry parts of your face that are also acne prone. Target your oily t-zone with a clay based mask that will not only dry out oils but will also purify pores. You will be left with a well balanced face that provides the perfect surface for any flawless look.

Know Your Undertones

One thing that can mess up any flawless makeup look is a foundation that doesn’t quite match up. This is why it is so important to know what your skin undertone is. The best way to check for your undertone is to take a hard look at the veins in your wrist. Green veins mean that you have warm undertones, while blue veins mean you are a cool undertone, gal. Warm ladies should stick with foundation shades with peachy tones, while cool girls should stick with foundations with a more yellow base. This way your foundation will seamlessly blur into your neck.

Feed Your Face 

Face washes and makeup can strip your skin of all of the beautiful nutrients that it needs in order to be glowing from the inside out. Make sure to feed your skin with the good stuff! Try switching up your moisturizer routine by using skin oils and serums instead. Pure oils will not only drench thirsty skin, they will even help to plump up collagen production, which will help your makeup sit flawlessly on the skin.

Take Your Time and Blend

Whether you are a brush fan or a true pink makeup sponge addict, it is so important to blend your makeup flawlessly. What is our advice? Why not try both! Densely packed foundation brushes can help you get the best coverage out of your foundation, while beauty sponges can remove excess product, so that your makeup doesn’t cake up. Start out by blending your foundation with a foundation brush. Make sure to use small circular motions, so that there will be no streaks. Once your base looks smooth and blended, bounce your damp beauty sponge over your face. This will not only help to smooth out foundation clusters, it will also help to fill in pores, so that your face will appear airbrushed.

Powder Glow

We love our matte smoothing powders too, but when it comes to a flawless airbrushed look, try using a luminous powder instead! These specially packed powders have micro traces of finely milled glitter that will reflect light off your face. These powders are different than highlighters, because they are meant to set your foundation in place instead of just being a finishing move. For extra measure, give a glowing bronzer try as well!

Gel Blushes

It seems like every season there is some innovative new beauty product that will drastically change your life. Some of the products end up being complete flops but once in a while a product comes along that makes you question what you were doing with your life before. Gel blushes are one of those new products that got us really excited. Once you get past the pudding like texture, you will find that the product itself is epic. All it takes is a few taps on your cheeks with one of these blushes to give you a glowing appearance. Best of all, because you are using gel instead of powder, your face will look more luminous and less over-powdered.

Shave Your Face

This is one of this beauty hacks and tips that may seem a little ridiculous, but once you give it a try you will be surprised by what a difference it can make to your makeup routine. So grab your razor and your favourite shaving lotion and see what it can do for you! This trick is best done right after you wash your face. Lather your face with your favourite facial lotion and shave your face is upward strokes making sure to steer clear of your eyebrows. This will help to not only remove all those tiny little hairs but will also exfoliate your skin by removing dead skin cells. Once you have a smooth surface, your makeup will no longer be easily flawed by micro-hairs that can cling to foundation.

Set Your Hard Work

The most important part about keeping a flawless face is to set it not only once, but throughout the day. Misting sprays are a great option for locking in your favourite makeup look. However, you should find a misting spray that offers a healthy dew glow. Dewy setting sprays are loaded with essential nutrients that will not only keep your makeup in place but can also keep you looking refreshed all day long. This is especially true during the colder months where it feels like the blasting heat at work is sucking every bit of moisture out of your face.

Take Your Time

An important thing to remember about achieving a flawless makeup look is that practice makes perfect. Also, it’s important to note that flawless makeup doesn’t always mean that you need to go full on glam either. These tricks and tips can easily be applied to rich evening looks, as well as casual BB cream days. Just remember the key to any flawless look is to pay attention to the details. So blend out those edges and set those creases. It only takes one misstep to throw off your look, so be an artist with this!